LA Tech Cares: How We Can Make A More Equitable Future for Tomorrow’s Leaders

By Kwanza Jones

help students during covid

Oooo and Weee. 2020 has been H-A-R-D! It’s been hard on you, your workplace, your friends, and your family.

You may be stressed that you’re stuck in the house staring at a computer screen all day, or that you have to supervise your child or sibling on zoom so they can stay focused in class. In a time where social distancing is emphasized, it seems all you have left to get you by is the good ole internet.

We are living in a more virtual environment, and accessibility online is the key to successfully navigating our current world.

FACT: Access to the internet gives you greater access to opportunities.

But what about the families who don’t have reliable internet access? What about the children in our communities who do not have the resources to attend class virtually? A $50 monthly payment may be a second thought for some but is out of reach for so many here in Los Angeles.

If you’ve been keeping up with me, you’d know that education is BIG for me. The only way to keep growing is to keep learning; no child should ever have limited opportunities to learn AND grow.

Make Education Accessible for ALL

In a perfect world, all students would have equal opportunity and access to education. It is my mission, José's mission (my partner in business and life), and our organization’s mission–KJJF–to level the playing field so that the underserved kids of our communities have the same opportunities as the privileged.

In line with KJJF, Brett Brewer (of CrossCut Ventures), Brian Lee (of BAM Ventures) and I have partnered with Alliance College-Ready Public Schools—the largest network of public charter schools in LA—to create the LA Tech Cares Initiative.

Together we pledge to break the digital divide and help the kids who have been impacted the most by COVID: those in the lowest income communities who lack internet access, and therefore...access to education.

Let’s Boost The World’s Children...Together

Let’s face it. We need each other in these unprecedented more than ever. That’s why I commit my life to SUPERCHARGING others, and I want to boost you to do the same.

We are happy to announce that we have reached almost half of our $250k goal. I always say, “no one succeeds alone." And with your help, we can reach our goal in no time!
Here’s your chance to help this vision become a reality. Donate whatever you matter how big or how fund and sustain Wifi hotspots for those who need it most in LA.

Together let’s commit to making the world a better, more equitable place, ESPECIALLY in times of hardship.

Who loves you?
I do! (And so will the 13,000 students you’re helping when you donate!)

Bye for now,
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