10 Ways to Create Positive Change and Live Your Best Life

By Team Kwanza Jones

how to change your life for the better

Hey Boost Friend! We hope you’ve had a great month. Things are really looking up, even though we’re still facing some aftermath of the pandemic. Many of us are still trying to get back on track and live our best lives again.

The weight of everything on your shoulders can feel like a lot to bear, we get it. But living your best life doesn’t have to be as out of reach as people make it seem. YOU have the power to change your life for the better. Like Kwanza Jones said during one of our Boost Friends community events, one way to do this is by making small, progressive actions daily. These small actions lead to bigger, lasting changes. What you do every single day matters.

Here's a little preview from the event.

Some people are so resistant to change. They don’t believe they will ever change because they think it has to be some major life shift or a big sacrifice. To that we say, NUH-UUUH. It’s really the little things that count. Get out of your comfort zone way and start welcoming the good into your life!

10 Ways to Create Positive Change and Live Your Best Life

1. Make the most out of the least

It’s not about what you have, but what you do with what you have. Some people think that they need all the money and resources in the world to be successful or to be happy. No way! If you think that way, you’ll never be satisfied because you’ll always be operating from a place of unfulfillment. Ever heard that gratitude is the gateway to more blessings? Kwanza Jones always says she operates from a place of gratitude.


2. Plan, Plan, PLAN

Planning is a simple and effective way to take hold of life and figure your ish out, yet so many people don’t do it. It doesn’t have to make you a serious or rigid person. Being a planner just means that you reduce your mental load. You can go about your day without that extra stress of what needs to get done. The best part? It only takes up a fraction of your day, yet it ends up saving you so much time!

3. Make time for what you need

Many people live life with the understanding that there’s never enough time. We’ve got all the time in the world, it’s about HOW we spend it. If something’s really important to you: fitness, friends, family, self-care, or anything else that makes you happy - MAKE THE TIME. It’s all about balance.

4. Take care of your things

Take care of what you have. It costs you more to replace things than to look after them. This goes beyond just material things. Show some love and appreciation for all the things in life because not everything is easy to come by. Water your flowers and your garden will grow, ya know?

5. Make a habit of it

Consistency is the root of all habits and positive changes. You gotta keep at it, it’s crucial! Small daily actions = big progressive changes. If you’re not really about it, it won’t happen. This requires some real self-discipline, but the results are LIT-E-RALLY life-changing.

6. Find what motivates you

Who/ what are you doing it for? Figuring out what motivates you can really keep you on track. When you understand that you can reach whatever goals you have, big or small, it motivates you to keep going. Picture your dream life, visualize it with a mood board if you need to. Staying motivated isn’t always easy, so give yourself those powerful reminders to reflect on.

Need more motivational boost? Check out this playlist.

7. Surround yourself with love

When you surround yourself with love, everything in your life just feels better. Surround yourself with people who want to see you winning and boost you to do better. When you allow toxicity into your space, it can really be draining. Say NO to all of that. Remember...the love's gotta come from within too! Love yourself unconditionally and watch how much lighter life feels when you’re not constantly tearing yourself down.

8. Don’t compete or compare

As soon as you compare your journey to someone else's, you’ve already lost. There’s just no point! No two lives are the same. Just because you’re not where you want to be, it doesn’t mean you won’t get there. As the saying goes, “A dream delayed is not a dream denied”. All comparing or competing will do is make you damn miserable.

9. Make room for others

Living a truly fulfilled life means being able to make space for others. It’s all about recognizing that the world is so much more than you. How are you going to help boost and encourage others? How are you going to build for better? These are the keys to building a more wholesome life.

10. Don’t let people’s expectations of you dictate how you should live

And lastly, if you want to live your best life, you have to let go of everyone's expectations of you. Choose your happiness every single day. All the validation you need should be internal. At the end of the day, you are your biggest cheerleader and YOU get to dictate how you live.

All the good stuff won’t just happen overnight, but it can happen sooner than you think if you do the work and stay consistent. Are you ready for some POSITIVE change? We sure are, and we’re right here to be the Boost Friends you need to help you along the way!

Catch ya next time.

Team Kwanza

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