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By Team Kwanza Jones

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Have you been wondering what the Boss Queen 👑, Kwanza Jones, has been up to? As she does every day, she has been living the SUPERCHARGED® life.

Kwanza is an artist, an investor, an entrepreneur, and a philanthropist, which means that she is always doing something (okay, many things) - too much to share in a single article. She effortlessly embodies the meaning of multi-hyphenate 🔋⚡.

That’s why today, we’ll talk about how Kwanza’s commitment to education is elevating everyone 🔥.

Ever heard of the term "social mobility"? It refers to the change in the social status of individuals or families over time. When someone moves from a lower social status in society to a higher one, it is referred to as "upward social mobility".

Did you know that Black rates of upward social mobility are lower? Did you also know that Black children are more likely to be born into poverty and less likely to escape it than white children? More than half of Black adults raised at the bottom of the income scale remain stuck there as adults, compared to a third of whites.

Kwanza Jones, Bennett College, And Social Mobility

If you’ve been following Kwanza Jones, then you know that her mission is to boost a billion lives. She does this through her music, through her voice, through investments, and in so many other ways. Their interests align.

And beyond their interest, for Kwanza, Bennett College is family. In 2019, she became more than the daughter and niece of a Bennett alumnae. She became more than a supporter of Bennett College.

She became the Chair of the Board of Trustees at Bennett College.

Bennett College is ranked as the number 1 national liberal arts college for social mobility by U.S. News & World Report. This means that Black women who graduate from Bennett College are more likely to succeed and contribute to society.

They have always been ahead of the curve in educating women who promote equity and have a social impact. Their impact is multigenerational.

To promote equity and increase upward social mobility in society, Bennett College needs more voice. They need more funding. They need more influence. They need more networks.

Kwanza is committed to the growth and expansion of opportunities for Bennett College and women in general.

Her commitment to boosting Bennett, and elevating these students, will allow Bennett College to be a leader in ensuring equity and access for everyone.

She uses her power to give more voice to Bennett College in order to secure diverse and consistent funding and recognition.

She uses her influence to expand their visibility and create more access for women of color.

She uses her network to provide more connections for Bennett College.

Kwanza’s goal is to set up a framework that supports Bennett College long after she is gone. A framework that is future-proof and can also be implemented by other Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

Kwanza is building a future with equal opportunities, equity, and access for all people of color – that is making Queen Moves Only 🔥.

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