IN THE NEWS Explains Why You Need To Know Kwanza Jones

. March 2, 2013 - Kwanza Jones

This week, gave their readers a fun and factual explanation on why they need to know the “Gladiator in a Thong“, Kwanza Jones.

From her involvement with The Trevor Project to her Princeton education, gives you the whole rundown. They even added the in-your-face and fashionable videos for “Think Again“, “Time To Go“, and “SUPERCHARGED“.

To check out their article on Kwanza Jones and her brand new dance album, SUPERCHARGED, click here.

They’re not the only ones to show the SUPERCHARGED album some blog love. Gaosalad, writer of and definitely a Royal Gladiator, gave one of his classic, fun, yet honest, reviews for the new album. In the March 1st post, Gaosalad gave his take on some of the tracks. His advice: “If you listen to this album sitting down, you are definitely doing it wrong“.

To read his entire review of the SUPERCHARGED album, click here.

Be sure to get your deluxe edition of SUPERCHARGED, featuring the bonus track “Made U Look” by Kwanza Jones and Pollo Del Mar! The video is coming soon!