Kwanza Jones and Pollo Del Mar Just “Made U Look”!

. March 5, 2013

Kwanza Jones and Pollo Del Mar

EDM diva, Kwanza Jones has teamed up with San Francisco drag queen Pollo Del Mar for the “Made U Look” music video. “Made U Look” is a fun, outrageous bonus track off the iTunes exclusive release of SUPERCHARGED. The video is just as crazy as the song, and guess what?!…

…It has been officially released today, March 5th, on The Kwanza Jones YouTube Channel!

Enlisting a broad cast of characters and locations, the “Made U Look” music video highlights the fun of diversity. From a cameo by America’s favorite “meter maid” turned comedienne, Jackie Pucci of “All Worked Up“, to a back alley showdown between Facebook and MySpace, this bonus track embraces the lighter side of Kwanza Jones. Pollo Del Mar adds, “So many times during my drag career I have stopped and asked myself, ‘Is this really happening? Am I really having this experience?’As if going into the studio with Kwanza and Luke Tozour to write and record a song I legitimately LOVE wasn’t amazing enough, now I am part of this hilarious, ridiculous and very campy video! If this is all a dream, please, nobody wake me!”

Check it out on YouTube or watch below! Remember to subscribe, rate and comment.