Kwanza Jones Makes Major Contribution to Apollo Theater’s 90th Anniversary Benefit Concert

. June 24, 2024

The Apollo Spring Benefit

Source: Madison Graph

The Apollo Theater celebrated its 90th anniversary for its annual Winter/Spring Benefit Concert with Kwanza Jones, the acclaimed artist and CEO of SUPERCHARGED, as the Premier Sponsor. The event raised over $3 million, marking a significant milestone. Kwanza Jones and her partner, José E. Feliciano, contributed through the Kwanza Jones & José E. Feliciano Initiative, playing a crucial role in this achievement. Their contribution highlighted Kwanza Jones’s ongoing commitment to Apollo’s cultural and educational initiatives.

Speaking about her continued support, Jones said, “For me, culture is a conversation. Supporting the Apollo Theater during its 90th anniversary is a way of saying ‘thank you’ to a space and place that created, and continues to create, opportunities for a diversity of voices to be heard, and conversations to continue. And, in the hearing and sharing, there can be learning and growth.”

This year’s event held a special place in her heart, as her father, who passed away at the age of 97, was a lifelong supporter of The Apollo. “My father instilled in me a sense of civic responsibility,” Jones reflected. “The Apollo was an organization he supported as he was good friends with Percy Sutton and Charles Rangel.”

In the 90s, she performed at The Apollo’s Amateur Night and won, a milestone in her career. Jones described her Amateur Night performance as transformative: “Performing at The Apollo was about empowering myself to be comfortable with the unknown. To step onto a stage, and beyond facing the audience, to face myself, my fears, my insecurities. Regardless of the outcome, the lesson was in the learning.”

Kwanza Jones has deepened her ties to The Apollo over the years, and she currently serves on the theater’s Board of Directors. At the 2024 Winter/Spring Benefit, Jones and renowned rapper Fat Joe presented the Legacy Award to the iconic Babyface. This moment marked a full-circle journey for Jones, from visiting The Apollo with her father to winning Amateur Night, joining the board, and now honoring a music legend.

Kwanza Jones’ ambitious vision goes beyond the stage. She aims to positively impact a billion lives through culture, community, and capital, and she is committed to making a significant difference. The Apollo’s Spring Benefit perfectly aligns with this mission, as proceeds support important performing arts, education, and community initiatives.

The Apollo Theater remains a symbol of cultural and artistic excellence, and with supporters like Kwanza Jones, its legacy continues to thrive.