The 5 Pledges Every Successful Entrepreneur Makes

By Team Kwanza Jones

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Hey you! Before we get this post really going - we’ve got to start out by saying - since you’re here, reading this, you've ALREADY got the makings of a successful entrepreneur.

Why? Because every successful entrepreneur knows that to stay on top you’ve got to show UP and find ways to level UP. You can do this by elevating your skills, mindset, knowledge, or by doing all three. So, go ahead and take a sec to bust out your favorite feel-good tune and dance moves to celebrate, because you're off to a great start!

Want to know how successful entrepreneurs level up and continue to excel? Here are five things they do to give their personal and professional life a boost.

The 5 Pledges Every Successful Entrepreneur Makes

1) "I boost myself up"

Just like you're here right now, educating yourself on what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur, those who get on top, and stay on top, know they should never stop pushing for greatness.

Whether it’s attending weekly workshops, practicing meditation on the daily, or signing up for workout classes - what are you going to do today, and everyday, to keep leveling up?

IRL Example: Your Billionaire Boost Friend™, Kwanza Jones boosts herself up by making mental health a priority. Each day she commits to eating healthily, working out, listening to some of her favorite tunes, and doing other things that make her feel good.

Need a boost? Check out one of her favorite #motivationaltunes about building success.

2) "I build consistent routines"

Consistency is key. Yet, even though everyone knows this, only successful entrepreneurs actually practice it.

So what consistent routines can you begin to incorporate into your life to ensure success? Is it waking up to journal about your goals? Having weekly brainstorming meetings with your staff? Reading one book by a successful entrepreneur every week?

Remember - what you get done each day is just as important as showing up each day!

IRL Example: One of the most successful entrepreneurs in history - Elon Musk - read 10 hours a day in his youth, and continues to read on the daily... Obviously, his dedication to pursuing a "lifelong learner" mentality has paid off!

3) "I bond with others"

LinkedIn has become one of the most successful social media sites for a reason - networking and business really do go hand in hand!

Whether it's asking someone about their experiences as a successful entrepreneur, or relying on word of mouth to grow your customer base, no one gets to the top alone!

So what type of social practices are you going to incorporate in your daily routine to ensure success?

IRL Example: Kwanza created the Boost Friends Community with exactly this idea in mind - we can get boosted, bigger and better, together!

4) "I build patience and persistence"

Try one of these scenarios on for size: Your business isn't generating profit as quickly as you thought it would. A big client pulls out of a crucial deal. What do you do?

Is it the same thing a successful entrepreneur does?

A successful entrepreneur uses adversity as a learning experience to come out bigger, better, and stronger than before. Can you pledge to do the same?

IRL Example: Did you know that the Harry Potter manuscript, by JK Rowlings, got rejected by 12 major publishers? Even when it was finally accepted by Bloomsbury, they offered a small £1500 advance. Today, Harry Potter is the best-selling book series in history with over 500 million copies sold worldwide.

Next time you're feeling discouraged, think about her story.

5) "I boost up others"

This one really doesn't need an explanation - but we'll give you one anyway. Because, not only does "boosting" others up reconnect you to your life purpose, but it also increases your chances of success.

In a time where social proof is EVERYTHING - a successful entrepreneur can't afford NOT to have people in their corner, rooting for them, and pledging for them.

IRL Example: For Kwanza Jones, this pledge has become second nature. From co-founding the LA Tech Cares initiative in 2020, to pledging $20 Million to Princeton's Year of Forward Thinking Campaign. Boosting others up keeps Kwanza motivated and helps her stay connected to her why.

Do You Accept ALL Terms of the Successful Entrepreneur Pledge?

Boost, build, and bond is the name of the game, and nobody can do it but you!

So, bump up your fav inspiration tune - like SUPERLARGE featuring The Kwanza Jones & José E. Feliciano SUPERCHARGED Interns/entrepreneurs-to-be. Get boosted and start making intentional choices about how to incorporate all 5 pledges into your daily game plan!

Until next time,

Team Kwanza

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