How to Make a Statement – The SUPERCHARGED® Way

By Kwanza Jones

the supercharged statement: how to make a statement

Good morning Love.

And I know you might not exactly be reading this in the morning, but that’s not the point. I say GOOD MORNING because every moment of every single day is a chance to WAKE UP and start fresh. To gain a new awareness of the infinite possibilities and opportunities that surround you, and welcome change.

So now that I’ve got you AWAKE and ALERT, let’s talk about how you can inspire yourself to do just that each and every single day… with a personal statement.

But What's A Personal Statement – And Why Make One?

A personal statement, in the simplest terms possible, is an affirmation that keeps you going.  They’re those words that inspire you and remind you of your WHY.  They’re the words you repeat to yourself when you can’t roll out of bed in the morning…  They’re the words you chant when you’re still working at 11:30 at night.

And I know that making a personal statement may seem excessive or redundant… it’s worth it.

You see, I wrote my very own SUPERCHARGED® statement in 2012. I'm still pointing to it today, drawing inspiration from it and watching it boost up and inspire others.

Remember, a personal statement can be bigger than just you. If it helps, think of it more like a mission statement. Not just to direct your own life choices, but that of your business, family, career, finances, and life.

No business can become successful without a clear mission statement - so why would you be any different?

Need inspo? Here is my SUPERCHARGED Statement

Click here to copy and paste the SUPERCHARGED Statement ⚡️

How Can I Make A Statement?

When I made my SUPERCHARGED statement, it wasn't necessarily for anyone but me. It was something that I could reflect on when I was feeling down and those words of inspiration to give me a boost when I needed it the most.

It was like a SUPERCHARGED song that I could carry in my pocket and whip out for some on-demand inspiration.

It was, and still is, my secret motivational weapon.

So, when you're crafting your statement, think of those encouraging words that lift you up when you’re down for the count. What do you believe in that gives you hope? What words help you see life in a new light?

For me, it was reminding myself that I'm fierce, flawless, and unstoppable.

But hey - that's just what I'm building. The question is...

What Are You Building?

To create a solid foundation for your statement you MUST ask yourself: What am I building?

Self-worth? Generational wealth? A supportive community? All of the above?

Take a moment to reflect on your values. What do you NEED to succeed? Dig deeper than money or one single person - think about what values you have that will help you build sustainable lifelong success. The type of success that can't be shaken no matter how big life's earthquakes or tornados can be.

Ready to Make Your Statement?

So now you know what a statement is; you know how to make one; and you know why you should make one...

Are you ready to take the leap and write your own?

Start by:

👉 TURNING UP your fav inspirational tune AKA that one song that releases your anxieties and connects you to the BEST YOU!

👉 Brainstorming the key morals and values that your statement must have.

👉 Writing a love letter to yourself. Think about what words #StopHate and spread love.

👉 Asking yourself what quotes or lyrics you would put on a loop to build a better you.

But at the same time, don’t stress! If my SUPERCHARGED statement gives you all the inspiration you need…consider it yours now!  I wrote it not just to inspire me, but all my Boost Friends!  So feel free to use it, share it, and shout it from the rooftops if that feels more right than crafting your own…

Because if anyone knows what statement will inspire you - it's Y-O-U!

Who loves you? I do!

Bye for Now,

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