The THREE THINGS Standing Between You and Personal Success

By Team Kwanza Jones

personal success

Hey Boost Fam! Today, you've got the best - or rather, BOOST - seat in the house! Cuz we're giving you an inside look into personal success. AKA: What does it mean? Where do you find it? And how do you get it?

Pretty good stuff, right? Well, we can't take ALL the credit. It stems back to our Billionaire Blueprint Walkthrough event, where Kwanza Jones met with our high-achieving Boost Friends™ Community to examine these hot button issues.

Here is a little sneak peak from the event.

Today, we're going to reveal some of the gems we uncovered with you.

So grab your fav pen and notebook and start taking some serious NOTES - cuz we're gonna spill some SERIOUS tea about what your personal success plan has been missing!

1) Written Commitment to Your Personal Success

Studies show you're 40% more likely to do something...just because you wrote it down. Can you believe that? So Boost Friend, why not take a gamble with those odds and make a mini-written contract with yourself and your personal success goals.

Cuz TBH, our Billionaire Blueprint Goal Setting Worksheet is the PERFECT place to start doing this. Not just because it's free, not just because it's organized and well thought out, but because it includes the who, what, where, when, why, and how of your goals. Can it get any better than that?!

2) A Community Rooting for You!

Think of something you don't want to do...that you really should do. Maybe it's going to the gym, or cooking meals at home instead of eating out.

Now think: how likely are you to do that undesirable task alone?

Mhmm. Not really happening, is it?

Now, think about how likely you are to do it with a friend to boost you up?!

Oooh! Suddenly that dreaded task became a little more appetizing, amirite?

Just like how writing down a goal makes you more likely to achieve it, discussing your goal with someone makes you more likely to believe it! The point? What your personal success plan may be missing is a supportive friend or team behind you to boost you up when you're down and remind you of your why, on the daily.

Of course this can be ANYONE in your life who's got the same - or even more - determination, energy, and commitment as you. But, if those types of friends are few and far between for you at the moment... FEAR NOT! This is JUST what our Boost Friends Community is designed to do - inspire, support, and OF COURSE...boost!

3) The RISK Factor!

When's the last time you tried something new? ...Beyond a new food or pair of shoes? Like really delved into a scary, new opportunity.

Maybe it was an anxiety-inducing conversation with your boss, or investing in some wealth-building assets. Whatever it was...good for you! But don't stop there.

Now we challenge you to keep seeking out unfamiliar territory, and keep stretching yourself beyond your comfort zone each and everyday!

The truth is, Boost Friend, it's likely that to get to where you want to be, aka: the final, 7th step of the Billionaire Blueprint, you've got to grow a little. Learn some new skills. Expand your emotional and mental capacity, etc. And how are you supposed to do all that when every minute of everyday you're comfortable just doing you?!

So Boost Friend, hopefully now you see why it's so important that you take a risk each and every day. And even if that risk turns out to be a disaster (which, it won't), at least you tried it, so now you know never to go there again.

Tag, You're It!

Ok Boost Friend - so are you READY to goal get and goal set?

Then prove it!

Take a step out of your comfort zone today by committing to your personal success in writing. Download the Billionaire Blueprint Goal Setting Worksheet.

Your future self will be SO glad that you did!

Until next time...Stay Boosted and SUPERCHARGED®!

Team Kwanza

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