How to Wake Up with More Energy and Increase Productivity: Billionaire Morning Routine Tips

By Team Kwanza Jones

billionaire morning routine: how to wake up with energy and power

Hey Boost Friend™! Today, before we get started dishing out the SUPERCHARGED® tea, we've got a VERY important question to ask you...

How was your morning?

And no, we don't wanna hear "fine," or "good." We mean *really* dive deep and think... How was your morning? Actually...How are ALL of your mornings?

Do you have a consistent morning routine that gets you PUMPED for the day? Or does just the thought of dragging yourself out of bed bring a tear to your eye?

If your morning is the latter, aka: snooze-central, we get it. But we also NEED you to know that it's one of the biggest things standing in the way of your success. Studies show, time and time again, that those who have a purposeful morning routine not only increase their productivity, but also wake up with more energy.

Are you ready to wake up and take charge of your day? Try these habits that highly successful people, like Billionaire Kwanza Jones, use to boost their energy and productivity.

1) Move your Body!

Physical exercise, or even simple stretching, increases blood and oxygen flow and improves mental health. ...So we're gonna have to give a HELL YES to adding a little bit of moving and grooving to your morning routine.

And luckily, at The Kwanza Jones SUPERCHARGED Wake Up, we've got ALL the beats to move your feet - so you wake up on the RIGHT side of the bed.

2) DON'T Engage in Negative Thoughts

"Ugh time to get up...already?"

"Can't I just have 10 more minutes?"

"I don't get paid enough for this..."

Boost Friend...are you KIDDING me?! You're not starting off your morning with this kind of negative energy, ARE YOU?

You already know you attract what you put out - so THAT'S WHY your morning routine's GOTTA be filled with an attitude of gratitude.

Cuz hey, you woke up this morning, and that in itself should be a celebration; and if ANYONE knows how to celebrate at 6am, it's Queen Kwanza!

3) DON'T Make Electronics a Part of Your Morning Routine

Is your first urge of the day to check your phone for work emails, personal texts, etc.? Research shows that people who wake up to their phone screen set a tone of stress for the day. And we’re sure that's not the #MorningGoals you're looking for.

So instead, REMOVE checking messages or socials from your morning routine and schedule a block later in the day dedicated to this task. Cuz on the real, this one simple change will help you increase productivity and wake up with more energy!

4) Listen to The Kwanza Jones SUPERCHARGED Wake Up show

Let's be honest for a sec. Kwanza Jones is a Billionaire Boost Friend - so why not learn a billionaire morning routine from an actual billionaire?!

And besides, this new podcast dishes out the realest of the real. From life stories and learning experiences, to setting daily intentions, to waking up with an attitude of gratitude. You won't find cookie-cutter quotes or Instagram filtered advice here. Oh no! Kwanza's gonna give you a #real insider look at an effective, energized billionaire morning routine.

Basically Boost Friend, what we're trying to say is, tell your coffee to move over, because Kwanza Jones is here to boost up your day!

So, #ChallengeAccepted?

Ok Boost Friend - are you ready to LEVEL up your mornings so you can wake up with energy, accountability, and action?!

You can give us an AMEN by subscribing to The Kwanza Jones SUPERCHARGED Wake Up show wherever you like to listen to your podcasts. Need a little more motivation? Check out the trailer video.

Every day is a new opportunity - and you owe it to yourself to seize every single SUPERCHARGED Day!

Can't wait to get boosted with you!

Team Kwanza

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