3 More Things You Can Do to Support Breast Cancer Awareness – Besides Wearing Pink

By Team Kwanza

breast cancer awareness

Hello Boost Friends!

You already know how Kwanza rolls. She’s all about positivity, boosting each other up, and transforming this world for the better.

Unfortunately though, that mission isn't all unicorns and rainbows. A lot of times, we have to address inequities, societal shortcomings, and lack of communication before we can get to the good stuff. Sometimes creating a better, more equitable tomorrow comes in the form of realizing some pretty harsh truths. This includes tough issues like breast cancer and breast cancer awareness.

1 in 8 women will have breast cancer in their lifetimes.

Hundreds of thousands of women, especially Black women, delay their breast cancer diagnosis out of fear of being discounted or feeling ashamed.

And, Black women die from breast cancer at a higher rate than white women.

Yeah, Boost Friend, that was a little heavy to say, but maybe it gives you a little insight into why Kwanza Jones accepted a role as a board member on the Susan G. Komen's Board of Directors.

Breast cancer is one of the most common types of cancer out there - unfortunately, if you don't know someone who's had it, a close friend or coworker will. While that may feel pretty grim - here comes the BOOST part - you CAN help, right from where you're sitting, right now.

Don't believe us? That's alright. You will soon.

3 Ways You Can Increase Breast Cancer Awareness - Right Now

1) Normalize Talking About Breast Cancer

As Kwanza discussed on Susan G. Komen's Real Pink Podcast, when it comes to breast cancer awareness, communication is half the problem. Grandmothers don't tell their families because they're embarrassed to ask for help. Husbands don't tell their spouses because they're ashamed of the "men who have breast cancer" stigma. Daughters don't tell their mothers because they "should have" gone to the doctor's earlier.

The thing is, shame stems from secrecy. So the quicker we shut down the secrets and open up our hearts to real, meaningful conversations about medical concerns, the more we'll increase breast cancer awareness, and increase survival rates.

Basically, you have to WAKE UP to the reality of breast cancer. How? By actively choosing NOT to stay silent!

You can turn over that new leaf today by committing to greet your friends, families, and coworkers with a genuine, "How are you?" every day.

2) Become a BOOB Friend

No - we did NOT stutter! We recently launched some stylish, meaningful merch in the Kwanza Jones shop. All the profit made from this merch will be donated towards the cause. Because let's face it. What will actually cure breast cancer? Money ...and you already know that it doesn't grow on trees.

Plus, think about it: It’s a shirt that says "Boob Friend" a conversation starter or what? And that FOR SURE ties back into Breast Cancer Awareness Tip #1 - talk about it!

3) Check In on Your POC Friends

Look; there’s a reason that the Susan G. Komen Organization created the African American Health Equity Initiative for the Black Community… Because our health care system fails minority populations – especially Black Women – time and time again.

Help us combat this sad truth by reminding Black Women, and all women, to do their monthly self-breast exams, go to their yearly check-ups, and ask for help when they need it. Because no one succeeds alone, and that's A-OK. There ain't nothing wrong with bringing a Boost Friend with you to your next doctor's appointment, if that's the kind of support you need!

Remember: Breast Cancer Awareness Starts with You, Boob Friend...

It's on every one of us to drop the shame and stigma surrounding breast cancer. So let's normalize the topic by checking in on our loved one’s mental, physical, and emotional well-being, often.

85% of women who get breast cancer have NO family history of it - so we can't afford to leave ANYONE out of the conversation.

Basically, Boob Friend, if you've been looking for a sign to pick up the phone and check-in on a friend - this is it. When it comes to Breast Cancer Awareness, every second counts.

Bye for now!

Team Kwanza


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