7 Days of Kwanza – Day 2: Ignite Your Creativity

By Kwanza Jones

7 Days of Kwanza: Day 2 - Ignite Your Creativity

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Day 2: Ignite Your Creativity

Day 2 of #7DaysofKwanza is all about Igniting Your Creativity. One of the ways I keep my creativity fired up is through the music that I create.

I just released my new holiday EP titled, A SUPERCHARGED Christmas by Kwanza Jones. Music projects like this help to put me in a different frame of mind than when I’m working on an investment deal, real estate project, or running my businesses. It helps to keep my creativity SUPERCHARGED.

Listen to the album out on Spotify now!

I’m a multi-passionate, multi-hyphenate, badass boss who never puts myself in a box. I’ve always allowed myself to pursue all my passions fully and unapologetically. And today, I want to challenge you to do the same.

Here are 4 things you can start doing today to Ignite Your Creativity.


#1 What is one thing you’ve always wanted to try?

Go ahead and commit to doing it.

If you need a baby step, then start by simply looking it up online. Allow yourself to explore the possibilities without any negative thinking for at least 10 minutes.

#2: Are you experiencing creative block?

If you're already a creative person but feeling stuck, then completely take a break and do something totally different.

For instance, if you’re experiencing creative block, get up and do a 10 minute workout or dance session. This will raise your endorphins and help shift your mindset.

#3: Are you inspired by the things around you?

We are surrounded by so much creativity but often overlook it.

Instead, mindfully observe the things and the people you see in real life and online. Then choose to be actively inspired by it.

#4: Don’t see yourself as a creative person?

Join the #ChristmaswithFriends challenge

Get your creative juices flowing by submitting a video of yourself, singing along to the chorus of my new “Christmas with Friends” track

Sometimes you need #BoostFriends to help inspire your creativity.

So, go ahead and call up 2-3 friends and get them to do it with you!

Submit your videos to sprchrg.me/xmasfriends

Keep Going!

This is just Day 2 so if you're ready for Day 3: Work Together, click here.

Until then, bye for now!

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