Kwanza Jones, Queen of the Starfish Ball Helps Foster Educational Equity

By Team Kwanza Jones

The starfish Ball

Last month, the boss queen 👑, Kwanza Jones, was honored as the Queen of the Starfish Ball. It is an annual event held to support the nsoro Foundation, a national organization that aims to provide all youths aging out of foster care access to a college education.

Oftentimes, people forget that there are students who age out of foster care. Without a home and a family to return to, these youths lack the support system that a lot of people have. That is why the work that nsoro does is so critical. They exist to ensure that all young adults who have aged out of the foster care system have the resources and opportunities they need to thrive, and become educated, confident, self-sustaining, and contributing members of society.

As a catalyst for change, educational equity is one of the major areas of focus for Kwanza. That is why she is so much in support of the work that nsoro does.

Kwanza is committing her time and resources to boost the organization and give them the support they need to continue providing educational equity.

How To Boost A Generation 🔋⚡

Make a Donation 💵

Have you ever been in a position where you had no one to rely on? No home to go to? Can you imagine being sent out of your home and disowned by your family because of your sexual orientation? Then you had to be taken in by foster care and no longer have your family to support you? Imagine being in such a situation and thinking that it will take a miracle for you to be able to go to college and pursue your dreams. Imagine the relief and joy you’ll feel when you find an organization like nsoro Foundation that will support you and provide access to college education.

Kwanza understands the importance of the work that nsoro does. That’s why she made a donation to support the Foundation and help them reach out to more youths.

Boost a Community ⚡

Kwanza always says “Money can be the easy part.” Making an impact by giving your time and resources is a great way to show your commitment and support for the things that matter. That is why Kwanza went beyond the donation and used her power to boost the nsoro community by connecting them with Bennett College alumnae. This will help them create more networks, and provide access and educational equity to those being assisted by nsoro Foundation.

Provide Educational Support 🤜🤛

One college degree adjusts the trajectory of an entire generation. It’s like a ripple effect that impacts those around you. By supporting nsoro Foundation, Kwanza is taking a step forward in her goal to boost a billion lives. She is making queen moves by raising queens and uplifting kings. She is increasing social mobility for the generations to come.

You can make a difference too by taking action. You can do this by making a donation or by spreading awareness about the Foundation and the work they do.

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