How To Celebrate Independence When We Aren’t Feeling Free

By Team Kwanza Jones

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Our CEO and leader, Kwanza is all about taking time to check-in on ourselves and take a moment to think about how to level up and keep thriving. July usually feels like a good time for that check-in. 

However, this July just hits a little different. 

A few weeks ago, we saw the Supreme Court ruling overturn Roe V. Wade and remove the constitutional right to abortion and a woman’s right to make choices about her own body, life, and future. 

Removing this basic right does not feel like independence to us.

We have seen some action: 

President Biden’s Executive Order is a start, but it doesn’t provide means or financial support for POC or those in underserved communities to travel to receive care. 

The Respect for Marriage Heart Act is good for the heart (and soul), but it still has to pass the Senate.

The HHS declaration, asserting that federal law pre-empts state abortion laws, was a great relief but, honestly, this declaration, at its base, is confirmation that women have a right to the care that will keep them from dying. And, this is a win? In the United States of America? In 2022?

Texas filed a lawsuit suing to make abortion a crime - EVEN WHEN A WOMAN MAY DIE! 

So how to level up? How to find some peace? How to THRIVE?

We are going to celebrate our friends and family by fighting for the rights of EVERYONE.

Kwanza has aligned with organizations that are making a difference: WRRAP, PFLAG, Girls Inc, nsoro Foundation (and, that’s just the start - you know, Queen Moves Only never stop!). 

As our leader, she makes it a point to challenge her peers and colleagues in BOTH the philanthropic and investment worlds to step up and take a stand to protect freedoms and independence for everyone.

Kwanza also continues to work with Bennett College, the #1 small liberal arts college for social mobility in the US, to ensure that the women of America have freedom and opportunity available to them in spite of what the Supreme Court is telling them.

She encourages all of us in the Kwanzaverse to find out everything about the people who may represent us and the policies that will be under consideration this November.

And, as she uses her voice to elevate the Queens and Kings who have inspired all of us to fight and not sit idle.

This won’t be easy - it could get worse before it gets better - but, as Kwanza always says, “No one succeeds alone.” We are going to have to roll up our collective sleeves as there is a lot to be done.

Yeah, this July just hits a little different - exercise your right and make the CHOICE - fight for your independence and invite all of those who matter to you to fight with you.

You are worth it!!!

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