Kwanza’s Code to Bridging the Gap for Students from Underserved Communities

By Team Kwanza Jones

How to help underserved communities

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Let's talk about the inequities and opportunity gap for students in underserved communities. Let's talk about the challenges striking underserved communities at a disproportionate rate.

Between the lack of access to resources, less experienced instructors, and reduced funding opportunities, it feels like lightning doesn’t just strike these students twice - it just keeps striking.

The inequities and opportunity gap only increased when schools switched to remote learning because of COVID.

The pandemic widened pre-existing opportunity and achievement gaps, hitting historically disadvantaged students hardest. In math, students in majority Black schools ended the year with six months of unfinished learning, and students in low-income schools with seven. Falling behind has the potential to undermine students’ futures. Attending college or finding a stable, fulfilling career becomes more difficult as students fall farther behind.

Here’s How Kwanza Stepped In 🔋⚡

You know how the Boss Queen rolls. She is the catalyst that brings change and she's on a mission to help others live better and be better.

It’s no secret that Kwanza is a huge advocate for educational equity. When she sees inequity and lack of access, she takes action to bridge the gap.

That’s why she formed the LA Tech Cares with Brett Brewer of CrossCut Ventures and Brian Lee of BAM Ventures. An initiative committed to upskilling students from low-income backgrounds.

In 2020, LA Tech Cares partnered with Alliance College-Ready Public Schools. They raised $290,000 to provide Wi-Fi hotspots and broadband access to 3,000 students.

In 2021, LA Tech Cares partnered with LA Education Recovery Fund to help Los Angeles' most impacted students recover from the academic, social, and emotional trauma experienced during the pandemic. They were able to raise $250,000.

Kwanza Continues to Make Queen Moves 👑

This year, LA Tech Cares is dedicated to bringing rigorous, engaging computer science education to K-6 students in Title I schools across the Los Angeles area in partnership with 9 Dots.

9 Dots is a nonprofit organization committed to bringing transformative Computer Science education to all students – particularly those from historically underserved and under-resourced communities.

Did you know that Black, Latinx, and low-income students are less likely to attend a school that teaches even a foundational Computer Science course? Did you also know that A Computer Science Major can expect to earn 40% more than the college average?

Gaining such a degree due to early exposure to computer science can improve social mobility and improve the lives of the future generation in the community.

That is why Kwanza made her move and made a donation to support LA Tech Cares in their goal of raising $300,000.

How LA Tech Cares and 9 Dots are Boosting Students

Supporting kids with access to coding is a means to build a better future for themselves, their communities, and their world. Helping students in underserved communities is a great way to bridge the opportunity gap amplified by the pandemic.

Each $20,000 has the power to support a complete Computer Science pathway at a school for one year; this facilitates access for about 360 students at each school to Get Coding, 9 Dots' coding program.

With $300,000 as the goal, 9 Dots will be able to impact 5,250 students.

The goal is to set as many students as possible up for educational success with a highly sought-after skill to boost their social mobility.

The benefits of teaching students coding go beyond the computer. Coding nurtures creativity. Like any creative act, coding allows students to experiment. This will help them to build confidence.

Coding cultivates problem-solving skills. It helps students develop an understanding of how systems work. This lends itself to the type of thinking and understanding that can tackle more complex problems.

How You Can Help Boost Young Minds ⚡⚡

As Kwanza always says, “No one succeeds alone!” To impact as many students as possible, we need your help.

If you feel inspired, then take action.

Donate to 9 Dots or share the initiative with friends. Look for similar programs in your local community and find out how you can participate.

Let’s make a difference together.

Team Kwanza

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