How to Make a Life Plan and Live Your Best Life All Year Round

By Team Kwanza Jones

life plan

Hey Boost Friend!

Are you living your best BOOST life?

If not, don’t you want to? What’s holding you back?

A SUPERCHARGED® life doesn’t have to be a dream anymore. It’s 100% within your reach if you’re ready to take action.

Kwanza Jones is a great example of living a best boost life. She’s a music artist, CEO, philanthropist, investor and more. She loves creating motivational songs and anthems of empowerment to help people live their boost life. That’s right. You say “best life” – we say livin’ the BOOST life!

Kwanza Jones has the freedom to be anywhere she wants to be and do anything she wants to do. But she chooses to spend her time making QUEEN moves – working toward her goal to boost a billion lives.

If Kwanza can do it, you can do it! But how exactly does someone plan the best life they want?

We’re here to help you do just that.

If you’re ready to get inspired, pop in your earbuds, turn up the volume on the new SUPERCHARGED® by Kwanza Jones Boosted (High Energy Mix), and let’s get started on that life plan.

How to Make an Effective Life Plan: 5 Things You Need to Know

You may be wondering: “How does Kwanza Jones do it? How is she able to do all that she does and still have energy to share with others and get them SUPERCHARGED?”

Believe it or not, there’s no secret. Throughout the year, Kwanza Jones spends time evaluating her goals with her partner in business and in life, José E. Feliciano. She uses a carefully planned blueprint to reach her goals.

During the 2021 SUPERCHARGED Summit, Kwanza Jones talked about that very blueprint. Here are the key points you need to know to create your own life plan:

1. Download the SUPERCHARGED by Kwanza Jones Billionaire Blueprint™ Goal Setting Worksheet 👇👇

This foundational tool provides the planning structure you need to set goals and create your life plan. With this powerful blueprint, you can dream big without getting overwhelmed by the process of goal setting.

Focus on what you love to do, what you’re good at, and areas that need improvement. Don’t just set goals – ACHIEVE them!

2. Surround Yourself with Boost Friends™ 🤝🤝

Be intentional with your space, atmosphere, and energy. Your space is sacred, so who will you allow into that space? Naysayers who make you doubt yourself, or positive people ready to motivate you, power up your self-esteem, and hold you accountable to your goals?

No one succeeds alone. You need the right network, and our SUPERCHARGED Boost Friends community connects you with like-minded, ambitious people ready to support each other and level up together. Get a boost and BE the boost for others!

3. Always Be Prepared 🔋🔋

From the moment you start your morning, you should be prepared to tackle ANY challenge the day brings. Know your schedule, know your goals, and know what you want to accomplish.

What do you NEED? What do you need to DO? Creating a life plan is the first and most important step you can take to get started.

4. Take Control by Taking Action ⚡⚡

Be intentional. Success doesn’t just fall into your lap by accident. Make your own opportunities happen.

Think about it – is it an accident that you’re here on this website, reading this article, looking for ways to boost your life?


YOU found us. You took the initiative to reflect on what you want from life. You asked the right questions and proactively hunted for the answers. You’re already on the right path. You’ve proven that you’re ready to take action to get where you want to go.

Don’t stop there. Keep asking questions. Learn. Network with others. Build the community you want and need around your goals. The more action you take, the more control you’ll have over your life.

a life plan needs action

5. Remember that Goals are Guideposts 🚩🚩

They’re not written in stone, so you can always re-evaluate your goals as you progress. In fact, Kwanza Jones encourages it.

Your achievements may steer you in a different direction than you’d originally planned, and you need to be willing to adapt. That’s okay! In fact, it’s perfectly normal. As long as you know where you’re going, let your goals serve as a general guide in the right direction.

Ready to Make Your Life Plan?

If you made it this far and can feel your heart beating faster at the idea of living your boost life, then YES you are! And we’re so glad you’re here.

It’s time to turn your dream into a reality.

👉👉 Take action. Download the Billionaire Blueprint Goal Setting Worksheet to get started on your life plan.

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