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7 Days of Kwanza – Day 4: Support Each Other

I always say, “no one succeeds alone…sometimes you need a boost! That’s why it’s so important that we support each other. We’re stronger together! Read more for tips on how you can be more supportive in Day #4 of 7 Days of Kwanza

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7 Days of Kwanza Challenge

7 Days of Kwanza Challenge

Join me in celebrating #7DaysofKwanza. I’ll challenge you every day this week to get outside of your comfort zones, virtually connect with your #BoostFriends, and enjoy the Holiday season.

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color of commitment

The Power of Possibilities, The Color of Commitment

We are writing ourselves into the history of a nearly 275-year-old elite institution that, at one point, could not fathom our potential, our power, or our prestige. We are building bridges and opening doors and creating new possibilities. We are here, where before there were none.

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